Safety & Sustainability

We’re thrilled to welcome you to our 4,000 square-foot al fresco dining room to enjoy a seasonally inspired meal with us. At Farmhouse you’ll find that the health of our guests and staff along with the health of the environment remain our utmost priority. We continue to prioritize sustainability efforts while operating in accordance with all local and state requirements for Covid-19 related sanitation and workplace guidance. Take a look at the safety and sustainability measures we have in place:


● Over decades, Chef Mead has cultivated relationships with the region’s highest regarded local farmers by purchasing ingredients directly from the source. The ingredients Farmhouse uses throughout the menu, from produce to proteins, are sustainably sourced from local family farmers and purveyors.

● By using only ingredients that are in season locally and buying directly from the growers and purveyors, Farmhouse is able to minimize its impact on the environment with less packaging used and reduced greenhouse gas emissions since the food has fewer miles to travel.

● Farmhouse grows a limited variety of fresh herbs and veggies onsite in a small garden located in Roger’s Gardens, just outside the restaurant’s entrance. The handpicked ingredients are supplemented throughout the Farmhouse menu, in both dishes and cocktails.

● Farmhouse’s takeout containers and utensils are eco-friendly and any straws used are made from bamboo, one of the world’s fastest growing, renewable materials.

● In an effort to conserve water and reduce waste, Farmhouse provides water to guests upon request only.

● Chef Rich Mead always aims to use as much of the ingredient as possible to minimize food waste. This is demonstrated throughout the menu with items like the Roast Carrots & Burrata Cheese where the green, leafy tops of the carrots are utilized in a pistou to finish the dish.


● Reservations are now available and strongly encouraged for dine-in service.

● All high touch point surfaces are sanitized frequently.
● HEPA filter air purifiers have been installed in our restrooms with a UV light to help kill viruses.
● Three times a month, the entire restaurant undergoes disinfectant cleaning for infectious diseases and viruses.
● We have installed automatic, no-touch soap dispensers in guest restrooms and all 5 staff-accessible hand sinks.
● Hand sanitizer is available throughout the restaurant for guest and staff access.
● Upon check presentation, guests will get sanitizer disposable wipes and single-use pens.
● Check presenters are cleaned and sanitized after each shift.

Additional Guest Safety Measures
● Water is offered upon request with a sealed, single-use capping to ensure no contamination.
● Beverage refills will be a full new glass replacement and not a pitcher to avoid contamination.
● Single-use, paper menus will be utilized.
● Tables will not be preset; silverware comes rolled in a napkin.
● Salt and pepper will be available in a single use ramekin upon request.
● Enhanced safety and sanitation procedures will be posted visible to guests along with recommendations in line with local and state regulations.

Employee Safety
● All employees have gone through our staff Safety, Health and Sanitation Training to stay informed about food safety as it relates to COVID-19.
● Vaccinated employees working outside are not required to wear a mask.
● Proper glove use and frequent hand washing is enforced.
● Pre-shift, daily temperature checks are required for all employees.
● We have partnered with a testing facility to have all staff tested for COVID-19 free of charge every two weeks.
● Employees that have a fever, feel sick or show symptoms of being sick will be sent home.
● Employees that have a fever for more than two days or miss 2 consecutive days of work must see a doctor and be cleared to return to work.

We will continue to monitor guidelines put forth by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO) and local agencies and make changes as needed. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at